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What smells repel squirrels?

Squirrels are dangerous, not really to people but their property. They will eat away your carefully manicured gardens, including electrical wiring, fencing or whatever comes their way.

Despite all thy myths, squirrels aren't that dangerous. That’s why we wouldn't fret having them around and they are easily scared too. As soon as you go near one, it will run away in no time. But don’t take them easy as we have seen examples of squirrels attacking kids and pets when confronted. And they might carry rabies too. In any case, nobody wants to see them destroying their yards. So people keep on looking for ways to force them evacuate their property. Read on the article to find out what smells repel squirrels.

What smells squirrels despise?

Squirrels, like many other garden pests, have a sharp sense of smell which makes them and certain odors. So odor repellents are a ground-breaking squirrel repellent. Spray liquid-based repellents onto surfaces including birdfeeders, bulbs, trees, gardens, and soil to keep squirrels off. Sprinkle granular repellents along the periphery of your garden, on all the plants, all the possible entry points and in their burrows

White pepper and cayenne smells deter squirrels, for instance. If you sprinkle your plants with drops of cayenne pepper, it may keep unwelcome nuisances out of your nursery. Squirrels also loathe garlic and dark pepper smells.

1. Cayenne
In case your nursery or garden is the risk of squirrels, ward them off with a homemade pepper spray. Take a cup of your preferred hot sauce, include a spoonful of cayenne pepper and a capful of detergent, and blend. Squirrels hate the smell and will stay away from your property.

2. Vinegar
The smell of Apple cider vinegar is equally unpleasant for both humans and pests and rodents. Hence, it can be exceptionally effective for keeping squirrels under control. Consider absorbing cotton balls in apple juice vinegar and placing them in places around your home where the squirrels visit. On the other hand, you can pour the vinegar in a spray bottle and splash it on hard surfaces like plant pots to keep the squirrels from burrowing and destroying your plant's gardening soil.

3. Coffee grounds
We all find the aroma of coffee grounds heavenly. Dont we? But squirrels don’t. Simply sprinkle some new grounds on the soil around the plants to deter squirrels off. Keep on sprinkling regularly to keep squirrels away.

4. Ammonia
While it might sound like a gimmick, but it has shown results. The deterrents made of Ammonia can effectively work to deter squirrels from remaining in your gardens. Soak a piece of cloth in ammonia and leave them to put around zones you think might be home to squirrels.

5. Garlic
Garlic can be used to deter squirrels from attacking your nurseries due to the pungent smell that squirrels can just not stand. Blend either chopped jalapeno pepper or garlic with vinegar and fill it in a spray bottle to make a spray that will repel squirrels

6. Mothballs
The characteristic smell of mothballs might take you back to your grandma’s house but no, squirrels will flee as far away as they can upon smelling mothballs in your garden. Repel squirrels by just putting mothballs next to your plants or in your yard. Supplant these mothballs when their smell starts to fade, at regular intervals or somewhere in the vicinity.

7. Hot peppers sauce
One little container of hot pepper sauce mixed with 1 gallon of water makes an effective squirrel repellent spray. Add an egg to the mixture if squirrels are biting on tree barks. For decorative plants, mix in a couple of drops of a liquid dish cleanser or mineral oil to enable the spray to adhere to leaves.

8. Predator pee
Predator pee is probably the most ideal approaches to scare away annoying little creatures including squirrels, deer, raccoons, skunks, possum, woodchucks and chipmunks. These garden pests upon smelling the smell of the predator urine will stay away from your gardens.

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