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What is a natural deterrent for opossums?

Opossums or possums are beneficial to our environment and hence, us in many ways. They will get and eat cockroaches, rats, and mice –along with dead creatures. But they also carry diseases, for example, leptospirosis, tuberculosis, relapsing fever, tularemia, spotted fever, toxoplasmosis, coccidiosis, trichomoniasis, and Chagas sickness. They may also be plagued with bugs, ticks, parasites, and lice. Opossums are hosts for viruses and infections dangerous enough to kill your pets, particularly in urban areas. But above everything, they are irritating and a hungry possum will eat pretty much anything so you would want to get rid of them at all costs. Here is a list of some time tested techniques for deterring possums

1. "Odor" repellents
A few smells or scents, as you may call them, perform as repellents to opossums. The smell of ammonia and mothballs is unbearable to them. Hurl a few mothballs around their infestation or simply place them on top of their tunnels and wait.

Soak a cloth in peppermint oil or ammonia and place the clothes around your property. Opossums and raccoons detest the sharp scent of the peppermint oil or ammonia and will avoid it. Replace the clothes after rainfall to keep up the deterrent.

2. Predator Urine
The best repellent for these animals is the smell of predator pee, similar to that of a fox or bobcat. Since it is highly unlikely that you will find any of these animals wandering around the area, you may need to visit your nearby sporting shop and buy their urine. This repellent comes in fluid, granule, and powder structure. Therefore, ammonia frequently has been said to work, since it is a primary segment of urine and has a pungent smell.

3. "Taste" Repellents
Blending crisp garlic bits in water and tossing around the garden area helps ward possums off. Hot peppers or hot sauce - the more sizzling the better – mixed in little water and dish cleanser and applied to plants the possum finds delicious will repulse them in no time.

4. Fencing
Whether you are sure about possums at your place or not, you need to do some homework to protect your property from them. Before you kill them up, you have to shield yourself from the attack of new ones. No matter how many times you deter rodents from your place, place, they will always return if there are loopholes in your fence. Opossums are phenomenal climbers, however, no creature will move over the fence if an electric wire is on it. All things considered, you will just need to control the integrity of the fence.

5. Placing Traps
Traps can be set along the fence or on the animal trail. It is very practical to set these traps in shallow pits, empty trunks or to set up closed holes for that. Ensure you place the lure inside, for example, cheddar, spoiled meat or natural product. these greedy will be lured by the bait and easily trapped. Once trapped, drive them to a far off place and displace them.

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